No Mount From Hard Mode Mechagon

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 242826

Common Problems

  • Completed the hard mode but nobody got the Aerial Unit R-21/X mount
  • Nobody in our party got the 430 item level Azerite helm

Bonus loot on hard mode Mechagon requires that you aren't loot locked. Normal and hard mode share the same loot lockout —if you completed Mechagon on normal first, you won't be eligible for loot on hard mode.

The Aerial Unit R-21/X has a 20% drop chance multiplied by the number of players who are eligible for loot. If all five players in the party are eligible for loot, one mount is 100% guaranteed to drop for a player who hasn't yet earned it. If four players are eligible for loot and one player isn't, the chances for the mount to drop go down to 80%, and so on.