How a Chargeback Happens

Chargebacks occur when a payment is taken back by a financial institution, such as a bank or credit card provider. Because chargebacks happen for many different reasons, we recommend contacting your bank or credit card provider for information if one appears on your account. Because a chargeback removes funds from Blizzard, incurring one may cause a temporary lock on the appropriate account or character until the chargeback amount is repaid.

Most Acceptable Payment Methods can be used to repay a chargeback, though there are some restrictions depending on the type of chargeback.

Note: We cannot accept chargeback repayments via direct bank transfer.

How to Unlock your Account

Blizzard will usually lock a game account if there has been a chargeback. Once the chargeback has been paid using the instructions below, we will unlock the game account and any content associated with that transaction.

Note: If your account is locked for a different reason, you'll need to review our Account Banned or Suspended article.

Select a chargeback type for more information.


If you still need help after you follow the steps for your chargeback above, contact us.