How a Chargeback Happens

If a customer or financial institution disputes an outgoing payment and that payment is refunded to the customer, this is known as a chargeback. Chargebacks filed against the purchase of a game upgrade, subscription, or service will temporarily disable access to the game.

An account with a chargeback is considered to have a negative balance. The game or affected characters will be unavailable for play until any and all outstanding balances have been repaid to Blizzard.

All chargebacks for Blizzard Gear purchases must be handled through your financial institution.

How to Unlock Your Account

Blizzard will usually lock a game account if there has been a chargeback. Once the chargeback has been paid using the instructions below, we will unlock the game account and any content associated with that transaction.

Note: If your account is locked for a different reason, you'll need to review our Account Banned or Suspended article.

How to Repay a Chargeback

Purchases made with a Visa or MasterCard can typically be repaid with a credit card over the phone or through our live web chat by submitting a ticket. Payments made using American Express, Discover, or PayPal—or in certain unusual cases with Visa and Mastercard—must be repaid by purchasing a Blizzard Balance card or code. Codes can typically be purchased from third-party vendors such as Amazon or Walmart

Note: If you need to repay with Blizzard Balance do not claim the code to your account prior to contacting support, we will need to claim the code as part of the repayment process.

Once the changeback has been repaid, your license will be unlocked for play. Upon payment, we'll also credit play time for any paid subscription time that the license was locked for, up to 180 days.

The license unlock process is considered a final warning. Subsequent payment disputes may result in a permanent closure of the license for repeated breach of the Terms of Use.