Can't Complete Quest - Royal Rescue or Fate of the Kingdom

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Just saved Princess Moira Bronzebeard and she vanished before I could hand in Royal Rescue
  • The Princess never turned friendly after we killed the Emperor

Princess Moira Bronzebeard must be saved for two different quests - Royal Rescue for the Horde, or Fate of the Kingdom for the Alliance. In order to save her, you must keep the Princess alive while killing her husband, Emperor Dagran Thaurassian.

If you are successful in not harming the princess before or after her husband dies, she eventually will turn friendly and you will be able to turn in your quest for a very short period of time. If you fail to turn in your quest in time, she will run off and disappear as part of the scene.

There are no known bugs with Princess Moira at this time. If you discover a new bug, submit a bug report. Customer Support is not able to assist with completing either of Moira's quests or granting the follow up quests she offers.