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Unable to Customize Druid Travel, Flight, or Aquatic Form in the Barber Shop

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't customize my Druid's flight or aquatic forms in the barber shop.
  • I learned a glyph to change my Travel form a while back but it's not working anymore.

Glyphs are not unlocking additional forms anymore. Additional forms are unlocked with Marks, for example, this one, Mark of the Orca.

You can customize your Druid's Travel, Flight, or Aquatic forms in the Barbershop if you have already learned the Marks for those forms.

Once a Mark is learned, it will be permanently available to you at the Barbershop.

If you have not learned any Marks and you have only the standard form, the buttons to customize a different form, on the top right of the barber shop UI, will not appear.