This page details the video cards that are supported for use with StarCraft® II. If you have video issues while playing StarCraft II, visit our Video Troubleshooting article for help.

Note: Overclocked video cards are not supported and may cause performance or crash issues in StarCraft II.

Supported Video Cards

GeForce 7600 GT+ seriesRadeon HD 2600 XT+ seriesHD Graphics 3000 series
GeForce 8000 seriesRadeon HD 3650+ seriesHD Graphics 4000 series
GeForce 9500 GT+ seriesRadeon HD 4000 seriesHD Graphics/Iris Pro 5000 series
GeForce 120+ seriesRadeon HD 5000 series 
GeForce 220+ seriesRadeon HD 6000 series 
GeForce 315+ seriesRadeon HD 7000 series 
GeForce 420+ seriesRadeon HD 8000 series 
GeForce 520+ seriesRadeon Rx 200 series 
GeForce 600 seriesRadeon RX 5700 
GeForce 700 series  
GeForce 800 series  
GeForce 900 series  
GeForce 1000 series  
GeForce 2000 series  
Volta series  

Unsupported Video Cards

  • 3dfx: all cards
  • Matrox: all cards
  • S3 Graphics: all cards
  • SiS/Trident: all cards
NV1/STG-2000Radeon X300, X600, X700, X800 seriesi740
RIVA seriesRadeon X1000 seriesi752 (i810/i815)
Vanta seriesWonderExtreme Graphics series (i830G/i845G)
GeForce 256 seriesMachExtreme Graphics 2 series (i852G/i854G/i855G/i865G)
GeForce 2 Go seriesRage MobilityGMA 500 (UL11L/US15L/US15W)
GeForce 2 seriesRageGMA 600 (Atom Z6xx)
GeForce 3 seriesMobility Radeon 7000GMA 900
(910GL/915GL/915GV/915G/Mobile 915 Family)
GeForce 4 Go seriesRadeon 7000GMA 950
(945GZ/945GC/945G/Mobile 945 Family)
GeForce 4 seriesRadeon 8000GMA 3000 (946GZ/Q963/Q965)
GeForce FX 5000 seriesMobility Radeon 9000GMA X3000 (G965)
Mobility Quadro seriesRadeon 9000GMA 3100 (Q33/Q35/G31/G33)
Quadro seriesRadeon 9000 ProGMA X3100 (GL960/GLE960
Mobility Quadro NVS seriesRadeon 9000 Pro All-in-WonderGMA 3150 (Atom D410/Atom
D510/Atom N4x0/Atom N550)
Quadro NVS seriesRadeon 9000 IGPGMA X3500 (G35)
Tesla seriesRadeon 9100 GMA 4500 (B43/Q43/Q45)
 Radeon 9100 IGPGMA X4500 (G41/G43)
 Radeon 9100 Pro IGPGMA X4500HD (G45)
 Mobility Radeon 9200GMA 4500MHD (GL40/GS40
 Radeon 9200 SE 
 Radeon 9200 
 Radeon 9200 Pro All-in-Wonder 
 Radeon 9250 SE 
 Radeon 9250 
 Mobility FireGL/FirePro 
 Fire GL 
 Fire Pro 3D 
 Fire Stream 
 FireMV/Fire Pro