Unable to Gain Renown With Covenant

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I do not seem to be able to gain more Renown with my chosen Covenant.
  • I should be able to start Chapter 3 of my Covenant Campaign, but I'm stuck at Renown 4
  • I am stuck at renown 79

You can earn Renown with your chosen Covenant only if you are not at max Renown. The max possible Renown increases incrementally each week until you are at 80 Renown.

Renown can be earned through the two weekly quests Replenish the Reservoir and Shaping Fate, as well as with certain Campaign quests.

In addition, Renown can be earned randomly through max level gameplay such as dungeons, raids, PvP, or Callings. If you are far behind the cap, you can expect your chance to earn Renown through these activities to be higher. Please note that once you reach Renown 78, you will no longer receive Renown from random activities. 

For additional information about Renown please see Wowhead's Shadowlands Covenant Renown guide and Renown Catch Up guide.