Didn't Receive Sundancer

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I completed the achievement In the Hot Seat, but I didn't get Sundancer
  • I purchased the Skystrider for big money on the AH, I didn't know it was a single use
  • I spent the Skystrider and got the achievement, but didn't manage to kill Sundancer, can you give me the mount?

Customer Support will not grant this mount. 

To earn the mount, someone (it can be a friend of yours) must use the Skystrider Glider on Sundancer to bring it down. This is a single-use item. If you consume it and you don't manage to kill Sundancer, Customer Support will not restore the glider. 

After you used the glider you must complete an event that grants you the achievement In the Hot Seat. This achievement does not award Sundancer. You still need to kill the beast. 

You must kill Sundancer while you are under the effect of Echo of Dresaelus. If you die, you will lose the effect and killing Sundancer will not grant you the mount. You will need a new glider to start the process over.