Gladiator's Weapons and Appearances

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • Can't unlock Sinful Gladiator's weapon appearances
  • Are weapon transmogs covenant-specific?
  • I am missing the Unchained Gladiator weapon trasmog

Weapon appearances are unlocked by purchasing the weapon for Conquest Points from Zo'sorg in Oribos. Buying a weapon doesn't require any rating; however, upgrading the weapon does. 

Your choice of weapon depends on your Covenant affiliation. For example, if you are allied with the Night Fae you could buy the Sinful Gladiator's Jaws on Season 1, while if you are allied with Revendrath you were able to buy the Sinful Gladiator's Gargoyle Claw.

If you hit Duelist or 2100 rating, you can upgrade PvP weapons to higher item levels. If a weapon is upgraded all the way to the "Duelist" level, it should unlock a special white transmog variation of that weapon. The weapon's green tooltip tells you its rank.