Sire Denathrius Did Not Provide Loot

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • My raid didn't get loot because we all disconnected during the cutscene and Sire Denathrius was not able to be looted after we logged back in
  • Got stuck in combat after killing Sire Denathrius and we couldn't loot him
  • I couldn't loot Sire Denathrius

We have received multiple reports of this issue and can confirm it is not working as intended in some cases, while in other cases, it is working as it should. While our developers are working to resolve the underlying issue, you may want to contact Customer Support as outlined below. Provided we can verify that you were impacted by a bug, we may be able to assist.


You can only receive Anima from a boss once per week, regardless of difficulty. So if some players received Anima from the boss on a different difficulty earlier in the week, they would not receive it again from that same boss on a new difficulty. That's working as intended.

Game Masters are not able to provide Anima in the case it is not delivered. If you didn't kill the boss previously on a different difficulty, and feel there is a bug, please submit a Bug Report.


Please check your Adventure Guide under Powers to make sure you do not already have that memory learned. If a player in your raid did not receive a Memory and they are certain they should have, and have the Runecarver unlocked, have those individual players submit their own tickets for assistance here.

About Remornia

Game Masters do not send out this quest item. This item must be looted physically from the boss at the end of the cut scene. It is not sent in the mail and it is not automatically pushed to characters. If you forget to loot the boss after the cutscene, you will need to give it another try the following week, or on a different difficulty.

Regarding Missed Loot

All other missed loot should be sent via the Postmaster. If you didn't get to loot Denathrius, and didn't encounter one of the other issues above, with nothing arriving in the mail, you can contact us. We can check to see why you didn't receive the item, and if we can verify that you were owed loot and didn't receive it, we may be able to grant it. In most cases, this is because a player is already locked to the boss on that difficulty for the week, and is not eligible for loot, or you received anima and gold instead of an item.