Consequences of Switching Covenants

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • My Renown level was reset when I switched Covenants. 
  • I no longer have access to any of my Covenant upgrades after changing to a new Covenant
  • I am missing followers for the mission table that I unlocked in Torghast
  • If I switch from Venthyr to Necrolord, will I lose the Party Herald achievement and title?
  • I cannot use the Armored Bonehoof Tauralus anymore after leaving the Necrolords

When you leave a covenant, you lose all Covenant specific benefits of the Covenant you are leaving.

Anything you have unlocked on the previous Covenant will not convert to the new one. This includes Renown, covenant abilities, appearances, soulbinds, mounts, titles, and sanctum upgrades. For example, if you had unlocked the Command Table to send followers into missions, you will have to do the same again on the new Covenant.

If you return to a Covenant you allied with before, you will continue gaining Renown from where you previously left off with them and recover all the benefits you had unlocked with them.


Reaching Renown 80 with a Covenant grants the achievement Renowned, which unlocks some account-wide benefits that make switching Covenants easier.


If you reached Renown 80 with any Covenant, you will be able to buy the Broker Mark of Distinction, which sets your Renown level with your current Covenant to level 40. You can buy this item before or after switching Covenants, so if you are Renown level 1 after switching, simply buy this token and use it to become level 40 immediately.

Cosmetic Rewards

Regardless of your current Covenant affiliation, you can use cosmetic rewards that you earned on a Covenant you reached Renown 80 with. This benefit is account-wide. 

As an example, let's say you have a druid who reached Renown 80 with the Night Fae and a rogue who is only Renown 15 with Necrolords. In this example, your rogue can use the Night Fae appearances and mounts unlocked by the druid. In addition, the druid can switch to any other Covenant and will retain the ability to use appearances and mounts unlocked with the Night Fae. 

Please note that armor type restrictions apply. See Unlocking Covenant Transmogs for more information.

Other Covenant Rewards

Even if you are Renown 80 with a Covenant, the non cosmetic rewards of the Covenant such as soulbinds and sanctum upgrades will not be available to other characters or if you switch covenants.