Diablo II: Resurrected Characters Missing After Linking Console to Battle.net

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 298368

Common Problems

  • I had characters on PlayStation but when I linked my Battle.net account, they disappeared.
  • My DII characters are missing on Xbox after I connected my Battle.net account.
  • I was playing on Nintendo Switch and after I connected my Battle.net account my characters went away.

For a console account to be able to connect, create characters, and play it must be linked to a Battle.net account. If you were previously able to create characters and play them online, your console account was already connected to a Battle.net account.

If you link a new Battle.net account, your console account will inherit the characters and progress from the new Battle.net account. In order to regain access to your original characters and progress, you must link your console account to the original Battle.net account it was connected to.

If you do not remember the email address that was used for the original Battle.net account, please contact us.

Please note that progress from separate Battle.net accounts cannot be combined. If you have started new characters while linked with the new Battle.net account, you will need to decide whether you want to go back to the original account or continue with the new account.