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World of Warcraft Communities

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Common Problems

  • I cannot join a community?
  • How do you transfer the leadership of a community?
  • I found inappropriate content shared on our WoW Community

Communities are player groups with an owner and a series of ranks, where members can chat and organize events. To access the Communities interface click the Guilds and Communities interface (default hotkey J).

Differences between Communities and Guilds

Cross-factionYes (optional)Yes
You can join more than oneYesNo
Available in WoW Classic / Wrath ClassicNoYes

Managing a Community

Note: You cannot create or join a Community if your account is restricted by Parental Controls.

Creating a Community

To create a World of Warcraft Community:

  1. Open the Guild and Communities interface (default hotkey J)
  2. Click on Join or Create Community
  3. Click Create a World of Warcraft Community
  4. Choose a name and avatar and click Create Community.

You can then list your community on the Community Finder to find applicants. Open your Community Settings and set your preferences for your Community and your requirements for applicants.

One of your options is to make the Community cross-faction, so that players from both factions can join, chat, and do instanced content together.

You can click the Community Settings button to change your preferences at any time. Please note that if your Community is cross-faction, you cannot disable this option until all players from the opposing faction have left your community.

Inviting Members

To receive applicants to your Community you can list your community on the Community Finder where you can also select the option to auto-invite any applicants that fit the preferences you have set. Alternatively, you can review applications in the Roster tab and invite members manually.

To invite someone, use the Invite Member button at the bottom right of the Guild and Communities interface and enter the character's name and realm.

You can also create a link that you can share directly in the in-game chat, or paste outside of the game. Players who click on your link will join your Community. You decide for how long the link will work, and how many people can use it.

Ownership and Leadership Transfer

In the Roster tab, the Owner of the Community can assign different roles to the members of the Community by right-clicking on the name of a member: Leader, Moderator, and Member.

The Owner of the Community can designate a Leader without giving out the ownership of the Community. The Leader cannot kick the owner or delete the Community. Only the owner can delete the Community.

Joining a Community

You can search and apply for a Community through the Guilds and Communities interface (default hotkey J). Click on the finder on the left to populate Guilds or Communities currently recruiting, and filter them by your preference. When you find one you like, click Request to Join to receive an invitation.

To join a Community, someone in that Community must send you a invitation in-game or a link. If you received a link outside the game:

  1. Log in to World of Warcraft with the character that you want to join the Community with
  2. Open the Guild and Communities window (hotkey is J by default)
  3. Click on Join Community
  4. Enter the link (or the link code) in the blank field and click Join
You can join more than one Community. When you open your Guilds and Communities interface, each of the Communities you belong to will have its own tab.

Community Chat and Community Moderation

Community chat can be read in the World of Warcraft in-game chat and in the chat tab of the Guild and Communities interface. Chat in this tab is permanent.

Communities can be cross-faction and thus, players of opposing factions can talk to each other as long as they belong to the same Community.

You can right-click on the name of a player in the chat to report inappropriate content they posted. Community members with the Moderator role or above can delete messages from the chat. In addition, the Leader and the Owner can also kick members from the Community by right-clicking the name of the member on the Roster tab.