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World of Warcraft Starter Edition Limitations

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • Starter Edition Limitations remain after purchasing game time for World of Warcraft.
  • "You do not have permission to speak" after purchasing the game time.

The World of Warcraft Starter Edition lets you access World of Warcraft for free -- all you need is a account and a broadband internet connection!


With the Starter Edition you can:

  • Create new characters
    • World of Warcraft Classic characters are not accessible on Starter Edition accounts
  • Level any character up to 20
  • Earn up to 1000 gold per character
  • Chat in /say and /party channels
    • Characters that are ten or more levels higher than you will not see your /say messages
  • Whisper World of Warcraft friends added by character name to your WoW in-game friend list. RealID friends are not available to starter accounts.

On the Starter Edition you will not have access to:

  • Latest expansion content (quests, zones, etc)
  • Characters above level 20
  • Pet Battles
  • Other chat channels and whispers to non-friends
  • All guild-related functions
  • Value added services (character transfers, faction changes, etc)
  • Party formation
  • Trade, mail, or the Auction House
  • Real ID
  • World of Warcraft voice chat. You can use voice chat instead
  • The Emote function in text chat

Starter Restrictions Remain After 24 Hours?

When you add game time to a Starter Edition, the restrictions will be removed once the order is fully complete. This typically takes up to 24 hours. If 24 hours have passed, the order shows as complete, and you still have the above restrictions, reset your password. This will refresh your account's status with our servers and remove the restrictions.