Can't Pay with SEPA Direct Debit

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I don't see the direct debit option on the Shop
  • Would like to use direct debit to pay but it isn't in the drop-down
  • I used to pay with direct debit, but now I can't

You may not be able to use SEPA Direct Debit for various reasons explained below. If you can’t use this payment method, check our Accepted Payment Methods article for other options.

Eligible Countries

SEPA Direct Debit is only available in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain. If you recently moved to one of these countries, make sure you update your registered country on your account.

Product Type Limitations

SEPA Direct Debit is only available for a certain non-gift products and services, such as World of Warcraft subscriptions, expansions or some character services (except for Boosts and WoW tokens). If you are unable to use SEPA Direct Debit for a specific product or service, it is safe to assume this payment method is not available for this purchase.

Previous Chargebacks

If you have used SEPA Direct Debit in the past and now you can’t, check if you have had a chargeback. You must repay the chargeback before you can use SEPA Direct Debit again.