Unable to Use Appearances of The Sleeper and The Dreamer

Updated: 11 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I have the Rogue legendary daggers from Cataclysm but the transmog vendor's Apply button does nothing
  • I only have the transmog for the Dreamer and not the Sleeper

Unlike other daggers, the Sleeper and Dreamer have hand requirements. This also affects their appearances. If you try to apply an appearance to the wrong weapon hand, the "Apply" button won't have any effect or take any gold.

Additionally, the weapon appearances for the Sleeper and the Dreamer are identical. This means there will only be one appearance listed in your Appearances collection: The Dreamer.

To apply the appearances at the transmog vendor:

  • Select an equipped dagger
  • Right-click the entry for The Dreamer in your appearance collection
    • For a Main Hand dagger, choose The Sleeper.
    • For an Off Hand dagger, choose The Dreamer.