Unable to Complete Quest - A Ring Reforged

Updated: 4 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I am unable to complete the quest because I do not have the option to speak with the NPC
  • Can't speak with Farseer Nobundo for the quest A Ring Reforged
  • Farseer Nobundo doesn't do anything for quest A Ring Reforged, I can't continue

If you are on the quest A Ring Reforged, Farseer Nobundo should have a grey question mark over his head and be highlighted. Speak to him and choose the dialogue "Yes, I will be your Farseer!" to continue.

If you are not offered the dialogue option, abandon the quest and pick it up again from Stormcaller Mylra in Legion Dalaran's Krasus Landing. Take Stormbeak to the Maelstrom to continue the questline.

If you are unable to interact with the NPC, your World of Warcraft user interface files may be corrupted. Use the information in this article to reset and repair your user interface files.