World Quests Aren't Visible On The In-Game Map

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • World Quests are not appearing on the map
  • The map is not showing any World Quests
  • I can't see any world quests

Open up the map (default hotkey is m) and click on the looking glass icon on the top right corner. You might have filtered out some world-quests depending on your reward preferences. World Quest will only appear on the map for Legion and Battle for Azeroth zones.

If this is not the case, your addons might be causing the problem. Please reset your user interface.

Legion World Quests will only appear on the map after the quest Uniting the Isles has been completed on at least one character on the account. This quest requires level 110.

Battle for Azeroth World Quest will only appear after you reaching level 120, unlocking all three footholds, and gaining a Friendly reputation Kul Tiras (if Alliance) or Zandalar (if Horde). For more information see the Battle for Azeroth World Quest overview.