Not Receiving Corrupted Essence for Quest Essence of Power

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Been in the Emerald Nightmare and couldn't get Corrupted Essences from the bosses
  • These bosses didn't award Corrupted Essences for my quest Essence of Power

Corrupted Essences or Seething Essences, a container which holds multiple Corrupted Essences, will only drop from a boss as long as all the following are true:

  • The quest Emerald Nightmare: Essence of Power is active in your character's quest log when you kill the boss
  • The raid boss difficulty is Normal or higher
  • Your character is eligible for loot
  • Your character did not previously kill that boss on any difficulty, Normal or Higher, since reset this week

If you did loot the boss but did not get a Corrupted Essence, check your character's inventory for Seething Essences. The Postmaster will not send you Essences if you did not loot them from the boss.

Customer Support can't assist with distributing quest items left on bosses.