Can't Loot Candy Bucket

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Theres is no inn in Blasted Lands
  • Binan Village is in flames and there is no candy bucket
  • I don't see the candy buckets in Arathi Highlands
  • I get Duplicate Item Found when trying to pick a candy buc

If you cannot see or interact with a candy bucket to complete any of the Tricks or Treats achievements, check the following to find a solution for your scenario:

  • Receiving an error when trying to complete Candy Bucket quest
    •  This error indicates you already have a Handful of Treats in your inventory. Open the Handful of Treats in your inventory and try again
  • Can see the bucket but can't interact with it
    • You aren't friendly with the faction. For example, if you are friendly with the Scryers, you won't be able to loot buckets in the Aldor inn
  • Can't see a bucket that the map says should be there
    • This usually means you are in the wrong timeline to loot the bucket. Check for and complete active quests in the area to clear up temporary phasing or find Zidormi in the zone to change back to a different questline. You can find Zidormi in Darkshore, Blasted Lands, Theramore, Arathi Highlands, and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Check Wowhead's Hallow's End Guide for more information.