Can't Earn Quest Credit - Securing Draenor

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

I completed Assault on the Iron Siegeworks but didn't get credit towards Securing Draenor
Why didn't this bonus objective count towards Securing Draenor?
I'm not getting credit for bonus objectives

You will only get credit for bonus objectives required for the achievement Securing Draenor by accepting the daily quests offered at the command table in your garrison, or by purchasing an assault missive from the vendor in your garrison; Sergeant Crowler (Alliance) or Sergeant Grimjaw (Horde).

Entering a bonus objective area on the map to complete the objective without the quest/missive will not give credit towards Securing Draenor.

The dailies and missives won't be available until all of the Garrison Campaign versions of these quests (which count towards the Garrison Campaign achievement; Alliance and Horde) are completed.