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Did Not Receive a Keystone From Mythic Dungeon

Updated: 8 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Completed a mythic, received the loot, but no keystone
  • I opened my weekly Great Vault and didn't receive a keystone, but I got my other loot.
  • I have run multiple Mythic dungeons this week but have yet to receive a keystone.

You can receive a Mythic+ Keystone each week, from the following sources:

  • Looting your Great Vault (if you completed a Mythic+ in the prior week)
  • Completing a Mythic+ dungeon
  • Completing a non-keystone Mythic dungeon
  • Talking to Lindormi next to the Valdrakken Bank, where the Great Vault is (if you completed a Mythic+ in the current season)

You may only have one Keystone at a time. If you can't find your Keystone, check your bags and bank using the search function. You may need to do a UI Reset.

If your inventory was full when looting a Keystone, the Postmaster will send it to you by mail.