Get Gold or Items from a Locked Boosted or Class Trial Character

Updated: 6 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Deleted a Class Trial character with pending auctions
  • A character I boosted is locked, can I get the items and gold?
  • Forgot to mail the gold from my trial character to my main
  • Can I move items from my locked trial character to another

Class trial characters, available only in modern WOW, are playable for three hours. After that time, the character cannot be accessed unless you apply a modern WOW character boost. See the Class Trial article for further information about the class trial system.

To unlock a boosted character due to a refund or chargeback, you will need to apply a modern WOW boost. If you have an available boost, you can click on the lock to apply the boost. Customer Support does not transfer gold or items from characters locked due to a character boost payment issue.