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Didn't Receive the Burning Crusade Classic Character Boost

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  • I purchased the Digital Deluxe and I didn't receive a boost
  • I purchased the Dark Portal Pass and I don't see the boost on the character selection screen

Note: If you already purchased the Dark Portal Pass, you will not receive a second boost when upgrading to Digital Deluxe. The level 58 boost is limited to one per WoW account.

If you purchased the Dark Portal Pass or Digital Deluxe and you didn't receive the boost, this may be for several reasons:

  • Your payment is processing. The boost will only be available when your order shows as Complete. Please check your Transaction History
  • You don't have any character on the realm. Please create a character
  • You have created a character but you never logged into the world yet. Enter the game at least once, exit the game completely, and re-launch
  • You have clone characters but you didn't yet activate any. Please activate one clone at least
In addition, if you purchased your product on the website, the boost icon will not appear on the character selection screen if you were online during purchase. Please log off and log in again.

    You will also not see the boost icon if you purchased the product on the wrong account or region. If you made a mistake, you can refund your purchase and try again.