Authenticator Migration

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Common Problems

  • When do I have to migrate my Authenticator?
  • How do I use my Authenticator in the Mobile App?
  • I need to setup my Authenticator

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The Authenticator is now available within the Mobile App. The Authenticator provides two-factor authentication to keep your Account secure. All users must migrate their Authenticator to the Mobile App as the old Authenticator App will be retired.


Migrating An Authenticator

If you currently have your Authenticator in the Authenticator App, you should migrate to the new Mobile App now! Once you migrate to the new app you should remove the legacy Authenticator app from your device as the codes will no longer be usable. 

When migration becomes required on January 5, 2024, users who have not yet migrated will have their old Authenticator removed from their account and will receive a password reset to their registered email inbox. Until the Authenticator is active in the Mobile App, users will lose access to the perks associated with having an Authenticator on their account such as the Corehound pet, extra bag slots, and access to LFG features. 

Managing An Authenticator

If you have never used an Authenticator, or had an old Authenticator, additional details and information on installing and setting up your Authenticator in the Mobile App can be found on our support article, Authenticator

If you need to remove an old Authenticator from your account, follow the prompts here to remove your Authenticator temporarily. 

Can't Access My Account

If you are unable to access your account at all, follow the steps here to recover your account credentials. 

If you no longer know the password to your account, it can be reset by following the steps on our support article, Forgot Password


Can I use the same Authenticator Serial Number to secure more than one Account?

The Authenticator requires a phone number be attached to an account, and a phone number can only be attached to a single Account.

Can I set up the same Authenticator Serial Number in more than one smartphone?

Your unique Authenticator is tied to your mobile device and we do not support setting up the same Serial Number on more than one device. 

I don't have a mobile phone number

A mobile phone number is required to set up and use the Authenticator. If you are unable to access your previous Authenticator contact support. 

I'm not receiving the text message during setup Phone Notifications are designed for text-enabled mobile phones. Messaging apps like iMessage (iOS) or WhatsApp (iOS, Android) are not supported. Phone notifications cannot be used with Voice over IP (VoIP), and VoIP numbers that are transferred to a local provider are not eligible for the service.

I have a physical Authenticator. Can I still set up an authenticator in the Mobile App?

Before you can attach the mobile Authenticator you will need to remove the physical authenticator from your account.