Did Not Receive Recruit A Friend Rewards

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Common Problems

  • I haven't received my Recruit a Friend rewards.
  • My friend paid the subscription, how long does it take to send me the mount?

Unlocking rewards

When a recruit adds at least 30 days of game time a reward is secured for the recruiter. You can see the rewards on the Recruit A Friend site, and claim them in-game. Claiming a reward automatically adds it to your account.

The game time added by the recruit can be recurring subscription, digital game time, WoW Token, pre-paid game time cards, or the 30 days included in a Complete Collection or Battle Chest account upgrade. Note that recurring subscriptions are not paid for until after any previously added game time has been used.

Rewards may not be claimable while the recruit’s payment is being processed or recruiters have no game time on their account. Most players will receive their rewards within just a few minutes, but a payment processing time of up to 24 hours is normal for most payment methods. For certain payment methods, such as cash based systems like PayU or Yandex cash, the delay may be up to 8 days.

Note: If one recruit adds more than 30 days of game time at once (for example, by getting a 6 month recurring subscription), the recruiter will receive one monthly reward immediately, and secure additional rewards at a rate of one per month based on the date the game time was added to the recruit's account.

You can find further details on our Recruit A Friend information page.

Claiming rewards in-game

To claim an earned reward:

  1. Log in to World of Warcraft.
  2. Open your Friends List (default hotkey O) and click the Recruit A Friend tab.
  3. Click Claim Reward.