Recruit a Friend Link Status

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Where can I see when our RAF link will expire?
  • Are my friend and I correctly linked for RaF?
  • How long will the benefits last

To verify that two accounts are correctly linked:

  1. Log both accounts out of World of Warcraft and back in
  2. Have the recruiter open the social window (default hotkey O)
  3. Click on the Recruit A Friend tab
  4. Verify that the recruit is found on the list of linked accounts

Note: Recruits do not have an in-game display for their connection with a recruiter.

If two accounts are not linked, the most likely reason is that the recruit's WoW account doesn't qualify for the Recruit A Friend program. Only accounts that were created within the last 7 days, or that has not had active game time for 24 months or more are eligible to be recruited. Accounts created more than 7 days ago are not eligible, even if they have not previously been played on.

Recruit A Friend links lasts until the recruit has paid for 12 months of game time.

For information on how to link accounts, visit Recruiting a Friend in World of Warcraft.