Resetting a Raid ID

Updated: 2 months ago
Article ID: 12569

Common Problems

  • Walked into ICC for this week, but all of the bosses are still dead.
  • Raid cleared out while disconnected, please reset ID.

While most raid content is flexible, some raid progress is tied to the group rather than the character. This means the raid save will update for everyone in the group when a boss is killed, regardless of who was present for the kill. For these saves, you will not be able to go back to kill a boss again, even if you were not there for the first kill.

Raid IDs limit access to the most wanted rewards in the game, and Customer Support does not reset them to avoid giving any player an unfair advantage.

To check your characters' saves, open the social interface (default O), select the Raid tab, and click the Raid Info button. This will display your character's current saves, and the time left until each save resets.