To avoid multiple charges, or temporary holds on funds, do not make repeated attempts to complete a purchase.

Note: If your financial statement shows a charge from Blizzard that you didn't approve, visit our Unauthorized Use of Credit or Debit Card article.

  • Make sure that your Blizzard account's street address, postal code and country of residence are filled in and match the billing information for your form of payment
  • Check your saved payment methods. Make sure the billing information is accurate and delete any credit cards which have expired. If you have not yet added your form of payment, add it at the link above.
  • Use a method of payment with a billing address from within your region. Cards from outside your region will be rejected by our system
  • Clearing your browser cache or try using a different browser for your purchase to ensure that corrupted browser files are not preventing your purchase
  • Contact your financial institution to see if they have information about the failed transaction and the status of your account
  • Purchases on Blizzard accounts cannot be made from physical locations outside of your account's registered country of residence. If you have moved, contact Customer Support to update your country of residence
  • Try using a different payment method

Additional Information

  • If you are attempting to make purchases from the following countries, you may be running purchase restrictions:
    • Argentina
      • PayPal purchases are not permitted in Argentina
    • Brazil
      • Purchases using international credit cards are not permitted in Brazil
      • PayPal purchases are not permitted in Brazil
    • Chile
      • PayPal purchases are not permitted in Chile
    • Crimea
      • Purchasing is not available for Crimea.
    • Greece
      • Greek banks do not currently allow credit card purchases to be made for businesses operating outside of Greece.
    • Iran
      • Iranian customers cannot charge-up Balance. They may use credit card to buy any other products in the Shop.
    • Mexico
      • To make subscription purchases in Mexico, you must have an international credit card attached to your Paypal account.
    • Sudan
      • Purchasing is not available for Sudan.

If none of the above steps solve the problem, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.