Can't Summon or Revive Hunter Pet

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • When summoning pet, given message "Your pet is dead;" when reviving pet, given message "You do not have a pet"
  • I have no pets, but it keeps saying I do when I try to resurrect or summon it

If you are playing World of Warcraft Classic and have not yet learned a pet, you will get errors when trying to use the pet interface spells. Visit your hunter trainer to complete the necessary quest.

If you receive an error that prevents the pet from being resurrected or summoned (with error message "You already have a pet summoned") or from being dismissed (error "You don't control a pet") you will need to find a stable master and complete the following steps:

  1. Select the stable dialogue option from the stable master ("I'd like to stable my pet here")
  2. In the Stable menu, click and drag all the pets from the Active section on the left into the stable at the bottom.
  3. Close the Stable
  4. Speak to the Stable Master again and open the Stable menu
  5. Drag your desired pets from the Stable into the Active section
You should now be able to summon your pets normally.