Missing Hunter Pet

Updated: 7 hours ago
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Common Problems

  • Can't find my hunter pet in my stable. Can you help?
  • Died and can't find some of my pets. Please help!
  • The second page of my stable of pets is gone! Help!

If your pet is missing, a number of things could be happening. Try the following troubleshooting steps to find your pet:

  • Check the Whistle icon scroll out menu to see if the pet is there and make sure you're using the correct one to summon
  • Check the Stablemaster to see if your pet is stored there
If the pet is still missing:
  • WoW Classic: your pet may have run away due to low happiness. Visit the Classic Wowhead Hunter Pet Guide for more information on pet happiness.
  • WoW Battle for Azeroth: your pet may have been dismissed.