Didn't Receive Anything From My Bonus Roll

Updated: 10 months ago
Article ID: 19314

Common Problems

  • I used a bonus roll, but I did not receive loot
  • I disconnected during my bonus roll and could not see what I received
  • I did not receive any gold or AP from a bonus roll

Bonus rolls always award something, either a currency such as gold or Azerite Power, or an item appropriate for your loot specialization.

When you cannot see what was awarded to you, it is due to a display issue and you may want to reset your interface.

Despite any display issue, bonus roll rewards are correctly sent to your currency tab or inventory.

Note: To be eligible to receive Azerite armor pieces from bonus rolls in Battle for Azeroth content, you must first obtain the Heart of Azeroth neck item. If you use a bonus roll without owning the Heart of Azeroth, you may correctly get no reward.