How Do I Use the Authenticator Security Code Instead of One-Touch?

Updated: 3 years ago
Article ID: 208862

Common Problems

  • I can't find a code to enter from the authenticator
  • What should I do when I get a request for an approval on my app?

The Blizzard Mobile Authenticator app defaults to a one-touch approval process. To authenticate a log in using this one-touch feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the website or Desktop App 
  2. Look for the request code, which is combination of 4 numbers and letters
  3. Look on your mobile app for the option to Approve or Deny
  4. If the code matches, click on Approve
If your app is asking you to tap for approval but you would like to or need to use the serial code, click on Use Authenticator Security Code on the device you're attempting to access to swap to the security code screen. You may need to click on Enter Code Manually on your mobile app to switch to the appropriate screen there as well.

If the codes you are entering are giving you an error as invalid, please contact us for assistance.