Cannot Start or Complete Quest "To be Prepared"

Updated: 5 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't complete or continue the quest "To Be Prepared". There are no NPCs in Durotar.
  • I can no longer skip the Legion intro at Holgar Stormaxe.

If you teleport to the Broken Isles before completing the introductory quests for Legion, this can cause the quest  In the Blink of an Eye to auto-complete for your character without granting you a Dalaran hearthstone or marking the Broken Isles starting quests as complete.

To fix this issue, talk to Archivist Elysiana in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran to start the Legion introductory scenario. Once finished, you'll be teleported to Dalaran and  you'll receive your Dalaran hearthstone.

Completed the Legion intro and still no Dalaran Hearthstone? Talk to Amisi Azuregaze in the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran to get your Dalaran hearthstone.

If you are still unable to complete the Legion introduction quests after trying these steps, contact us.