Druid Legion Artifact Appearances Don't Work After Patch 9.0

Updated: 2 years ago
Article ID: 275748

Common Problems

  • I can't change my druid's form to my Legion artifact form.
  • I can't change to my Druid's Lunarwing class mount form.
  • I can't transmogrify my Druid's artifact appearance.

Druid appearances can now be changed at the Barber Shop as of Patch 9.0. If you are unable to change your druid's appearance at the Barber Shop, check to ensure the following:

1. You have learned the glyph for the appearance you are trying to use if using a glyph appearance. (Cheetah, for example.)
2. Make sure you don't have any glyphs equipped if trying to use an artifact appearance.
3. Check to ensure you have earned the appearance in question.
4. For the Lunarwing flight form, you need to have Master riding. (Previously Artisan.)