Unable to Start a Sanctum Upgrade after Switching Covenants

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I just switched my Covenant and now I am unable to complete the next quest
  • I cannot complete Enhancing the Hold due to not having my Souls anymore

Any Redeemed Souls you rescued stay with the previous Covenant. However, if you switch Covenants you will be granted 5 new Redeemed Souls to allow you to complete the quest of your new Covenant:

  • Enhancing the Hold (Kyrian)
  • Sanctum Improvements (Necrolords)
  • The First New Growth (Night Fae)
  • Home Improvement (Venthyr)

If you didn't receive the 5 Souls, return to the Covenant Sanctum and skip or complete the tutorial. Next time you enter the Sanctum or visit Oribos you will see the 5 Souls granted and you will be able to start a Sanctum Upgrade.