Can't Find Next Quest Shadowlands Intro

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I lost the introduction quest to get to Shadowlands.

If you are not able to find your way through the Maw Introductory questline, one of the following troubleshooting steps should resolve the issue:

Can't pick up quest A Chillling Summons

Only level 48 characters on World of Warcraft accounts which have been upgraded to Shadowlands receive this quest. If you somehow canceled accepting the quest, log out of the game and back in and you should receive it again

Left the Maw and can't get back

Go to your main city and use the Death Gate provided by the Ebon Blade. The gate will disappear after you have completed the Maw portion of the questline

Can't see the next quest I need to do

First, check the top part of your quest log for instructions on the next quest you should be picking up. If you are seeing a quest there but when you are inside the Maw are not able to see the quest in game, check your character level. The intro questline for Shadowlands is intended for characters level 48-50. If you have leveled too far beyond that, enable your trivial quests on your minimap's tracking options. You should see the next quest available on your zone map.