Chose the Wrong Great Vault Reward

Updated: 5 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I chose the wrong Great Vault Reward
  • Can you swap my Great Vault Reward
  • I wanted to get a piece of gear but I got  Attendant's Tokens of Merit instead

After completing objectives for the Great Vault, you will be able to select an item as a reward the following week. You may only pick 1 item out of all your possible options.

Alternately, if none of the items are to your liking, you'll be able to select Attendant's Tokens of Merit. The Attendant's Token is a currency used to purchase other alternate currency caches. You will receive 2 tokens if you unlock one Great Vault segment, 4 tokens if you unlock two Great Vault Segments, and 6 tokens if you unlock three or more segments of your Great Vault. You may carry up to 12 tokens.

Once you have made your selection at the Great Vault, Customer Support will not assist in swapping your choice.

For additional information on rewards from the Great Vault, please visit this Great Vault Wowhead guide.