Accidentally Consumed Weapon for Jaithys, The Prison Blade

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I did not know that Jaithys would destroy other weapons and lost my main-hand weapon
  • I sacrificed the wrong weapon to Jaithys
  • I can't restore the item that I sacrificed to Jaithys

Jaithys, the Prison Blade has an on-use effect that consumes (i.e. destroys) a weapon you specify in your inventory in exchange for permanent upgrades to the weapon. These items cannot be restored using the item restoration tool, because using them has a permanent benefit to another item. For an overview of Jaithys, visit this article. For more detailed information, review the comments on the item page.

There are currently no known bugs with this mechanic. Customer Support will not restore weapons destroyed using the on-use effect