Follow the steps below if you receive an error while making a purchase. To avoid multiple charges, or the temporary hold of funds, do not make repeated attempts to complete the purchase.

Note: If your financial statement shows a charge from Blizzard that you didn't approve, visit our Unauthorized Charge article.

  • Contact your credit card company to see if they have information about the failed transaction and the status of your account.
  • Check your card verification code (CVV) and make sure your Blizzard account's street address, postal code, and country of residence match your credit card's billing address.
  • Check your saved payment methods to make sure none have expired.
  • If you use a prepaid credit card, register it online prior to use. Contact the card issuer if you have trouble completing registration.
  • Use a card with a billing address from within your region. Cards from outside your region will be rejected from our system.