Unable to Change Engineering Specializations

Updated: 4 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • How do I swap from Gnomish Engineering to Goblin
  • The Book "Soothsaying for Dummies" isn't giving me the option to unlearn my specialization

  • Battle for Azeroth: You can drop your current specialization by opening the Profession tab in your Spellbook and unlearning Gnomish/Goblin Engineering. After that, you can learn the other specialization from an Engineering Trainer in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind.
  • WoW Classic: To change your Engineering specialization in Classic, you must follow these steps:
    1. Complete "Show Your Work" for your given specialization
    2. Unlearn Engineering
    3. Learn Engineering
    4. Level your Engineering skill to at least 225
    5. Use the book, Soothsaying for Dummies, to select a new specialization