Where Can I Purchase World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Collector's Edition?

Updated: 5 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Is there a Shadowlands Collector's Edition?
  • How can I purchase the Shadowlands Collector's Edition?

The Shadowlands Collector’s Edition is available to pre-order now at select retailers. Check with your local retailer for details.

If you purchase a digital copy of Shadowlands (Base, Heroic, or Epic), and then upgrade to the Collector's Edition in the future, we will automatically credit you the cost of the digital copy you purchased in Blizzard Balance, as long as you enter the Collector’s Edition key before 08:59 CEST on April 1, 2021.  When you enter the key from your Collector’s Edition, the credit will automatically kick in based on the original transaction on your account. 

For details of how upgrading a Digital Shadowlands License to the Collector's Edition works, see the announcement blog.