I Received the Error: Oops! The Code You Entered Cannot Be Claimed

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Error: Oops!¬†The code you entered cannot be claimed. Please check the code and try again. If you see this error again, please try again later, as the game or website may be undergoing maintenance.
  • Error claiming¬†CD-key

Game keys and codes can be claimed in your account management page. This specific error message indicates that the code entered is invalid. Check the code for errors and try again.

Bear in mind that the following characters often look alike:

  • B and 8
  • G and 6 and C
  • 2 and Z and 7
  • 4 and H
  • E and F
  • 5 and S
If you have checked the code, but are unable to claim the key, contact Customer Support. Adding a picture of the code to your ticket can be very helpful to getting an issue resolved.