Friend Or Family Member Made Unauthorized Purchase

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • My child made a purchase I did not authorize
  • Friend used my card without my permission
  • There are payments on my bank account to Blizzard Entertainment that I don't recognize

When a purchase is made by a friend or family member using your payment method on their account without your permission, Customer Service may be able to assist with a refund if you have not already disputed the charge with your financial institution.

We can only assist if we are able to find the account which made the purchase or if you have the order number for the purchase. If you do not have the the order number or the information for the account on which the charge(s) were made, you will need to contact us through Live Support so that we can investigate. 

For concerns regarding your financial security, contact your financial institution for assistance in securing the payment method used.

Note: Live support options are limited due to current working conditions. If you do not see a live channel option when you attempt to submit your request, check back at a different time.