Can't Refund Item for Gold or Alternate Currency

Updated: 1 week ago
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Common Problems

  • Bought something with honor by mistake
  • Bought something with timewarped badges by mistake, no refund timer
  • Bought something with gold and want to return it, but the timer expired

Most in-game currency purchases may be refunded within two hours of play time. If a character logs out after purchasing an item, the two hour timer will not count down until they log in again.

To prevent mistakes, whenever an action will make your item soulbound, the game will pop-up a confirmation message that you need to acknowledge and accept. Certain high cost gold items can be returned to the vendor for full value. However, most can only be sold back to the vendor at a fraction of their original cost.

Customer Support does not refund items for players or adjust the amount of time on the refund timer. We also do not have the ability to provide a larger refund for gold items than is indicated by the vendors in game.